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ATEMI Consulting is a Lean Management consultancy agency that help companies improving drastically their Quality, Costs and Deliveries performances.


ATEMI Consulting propose and implement practical, efficient and lasting « breakthrough » improvement solutions aiming at improving company's profitability and competitiveness based on advanced Lean Management and Six Sigma principles.  


ATEMI Consulting, with over 25 years of industry experience, is your company’s partner to drastically increase your company’s profitability by enabling more effective operations, streamlined processes, improved quality performance and product or service cost reduction.


The consultants of ATEMI Consulting  have implemented Lean Management and improved the performances of numerous small, medium and large automotive, aeronautic and electronic companies around the world.


Whether from a Lean industrial diagnosis or from the implementation of a Lean Operating System, the improvement priorities of your company can be identified, improvement solutions are then selected, supported, and developed by the whole improvement team (composed of your involved employees and ATEMI Consulting consultants).


These improvement solutions identification and development are being performed within dedicated improvement Kaizen workshops, key elements of effective Lean implementation, in a way to achieve the objectives on a shortest timeframe and through the most efficient and effective manner.


Advanced Lean Management principles are taught, explained and implemented (training-to-action) during these Kaizen workshops with the objectives to drastically improve your company performances such as:

  • Just-in-Time (JIT) elements:

The Just-in-Time elements of Lean management consist of identifying and removing all sources of wastes within the business (anything that consumes resources and produces no value for the customer) to meet customer demand exactly, on time, quality and quantity.


Typically the ratio between Value Added activities to Non Value Added activities (wastes) in non-Lean companies is no higher than 7% to 10%. Removing these wastes will allow your company to achieve a competitive market advantage by enabling the following benefits;

  • Producing more with the same resources (productivity),
  • Lowering your inventories and Work-in-Process,
  • Speeding up time to market for new products
  • and accelerating response lead times to Customer demands.  
  • Built-in-Quality (BIQ) elements:

The Built-in-Quality principles of Lean management, focus on the shift of mindset and culture from measuring the quantity of defects raised for a given period of time (usually a month in most of companies) to embedding a high level of quality within the designs and the processes to make sure products (and services, designs, etc..) are produced « right first time ».


With this system in place, the quality standards are much higher and far less volatile, when compared to traditional quality ways of working.


Additionally, not having to perform rework activities to process the non-quality, leads to a reduction in the Cost of Non-Quality (CoNQ) and an increase in the Throughput of the system. 

  • Cost reduction elements:

The principles of product and processes advanced cost reduction through Value Engineering are about identifying system or process functions (primary, secundary and constraint functions) and the associated function costs to reduce the secondary costly functions,  with alternative solutions with no impact on the integrity of products.



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