Lean Management consultant difference in business improvement

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Although a lot of companies developped since years a keen interest for Lean Management, many of them have realized only limited results in terms of results whether in performances improvements or financial returns.


At the same time some companies particularly japanese and american have reached major business improvements as world class performances in Quality, Cost and Deliveries and billions of dollars return due to Lean implementation.


To achieve such business improvement levels a Lean Management consultant can help and bring a clear value added with its experience, knowledge and know-how, customizing a Lean effective and efficient implementation adapted to the company situation and business issues.


The implementation of Lean within a company has several aspects in the implementation initiative  that need to be taken into consideration such as: 

  • The organisation (way of working rather than hierarchy) supporting the implementation with clear roles of every employee linked with improvement
  • Training and awareness sessions for all involved in Lean implementation, plus ad-hoc communication and reports
  • A technical aspect on Lean tools, methods and principles deployment

A lot of companies are putting a lot of efforts on Lean tools deployment whether deploying principles then methods then tools, is much more easier and this approach of lean deployment delivers major business results in the short term as japanese and american companies that have implemented Lean succesfully have done.


A Lean Management consultant can help implement rapidly and lasting Lean principles within a company delivering drastic performances improvements and rapid financial business returns.  

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