Lean Leadership and Organization

The Lean System is shown as a Temple to represent the following Principles

  • Without foundations to create transparency all improvement will fall down
  • Problem solving must  be built on Standardisation
  • The temple is built around the people.
  • Leadership supports the temple by underpinning the continual Improvement culture

The role of the leaders

  • All Leaders have to understand Lean concepts and behaviours to effectively drive the required culture shift
  • It takes time to develop people who really understand and live the philosophy.
  • Develop a deep understanding of their Value Streams
  • Become mentors for improvement tools and problem solving acting a change agents
  • Expect their teams to identify performance constraints using a structured approach (lean tools)
  • Use management time to ask questions and explore the root cause.
  • Spend time coaching / encouraging problem resolution at the working level through empowerment.


What can a Lean culture bring ?

  • Less fire fighting
  • You meet all your operating targets and operations are stable.
  • Your entire organization shares the same vision.
  • Everyone is always looking for a way to improve… but the improvements come from a standardized foundation.
  • You can walk out into your business on any day, at any time, and know the actual condition of your operation.
  • You hear “we” and “us” more often than “you” and “they”.


Old and New Lean paradigm

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