06. March 2020
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a total measure of performance that relates the availability of the process to the productivity and quality

01. February 2020
" Everytime there is a product or a service for a Customer there is a Value Stream. The complexity lies in seeing it. "

28. December 2019
Definition of a Pull System : Pull System: Pull is a method for scheduling the production between processes according to customer requirements. The purpose of using a Pull System between two processes is to ensure that accurate production requirements are given to the upstream process, as opposed to predicting downstream requirements and scheduling the upstream process. Pull Systems should only be employed where ‘Continuous Flow Processing’ is not possible. Lean thinkers should endeavour to...

13. December 2019
Toyota leaders have 4 strand DNA which enables to lead in a Lean way: Many studies have made to discover the successful formula that has driven Toyota’s success. The simple, consistent theme from the majority of these studies highlights the following as being key to Lean Leadership: “There is no substitution for direct observation” “Proposed changes should always be structured as experiments” “Workers and Managers should experiment together as frequently as possible” “Managers...

29. November 2019
Value Management Why Value Management ? What is different ? What to expect ? Value Management initially developped in the US is increasingly popular in a lot of industrialized countries such as US, Canada, Japan, India, Korea, South Africa, etc..starting in Europe. VM is considered as THE industry best practice for cost reduction delivering 15 to 55% CR on complex products. VM is contractually included since decades in any US government programme; DoD, Air Force, Navy, Missiles, Civil...

16. November 2019
What is coaching ?

08. November 2019
A ‘Tactical Implementation Plan’ is derived from a common understanding of the business need to change or improve, and is the common tool that is used to make it clear to all, the actions required to achieve the business goals and targets. The business goals and targets are set from the following events and information: Business challenges Value Planning Process Value Stream Maps Blue Sky Visioning Business Goals & Targets Benchmarking Lean Assessments Diagnosis Assessment A T.I.P....

08. October 2019
There are several typical reasons why the processes of a company are changing, and as a consequence, need to be streamlined in order to maintain or to obtain more competitiveness or profitability : Organization grows Organization shrinks Processes break-down Processes "patched" and made more complex These complex processes lead to errors Increased errors lead to extra controls Too busy with internal processes to talk with Customers and don't understand Customer's requirements Too much time is...

14. September 2019
There is More Competition Than Ever: As a matter of facts, it does not (or will not soon) exists any more unique companies on their market (Rockets, aircrafts, electrical cars, electronics…). Even niche markets are threatened by competition if profitable. It is a Global Marketplace: Competition is not limited to local, to frontiers… Even for medium and small companies now, the competition is coming from everywhere; It is a global market and we need to be prepared for it. Dynamics are...

31. August 2019
The Lean System is shown as a Temple to represent the following Principles Without foundations to create transparency all improvement will fall down Problem solving must be built on Standardisation The temple is built around the people. Leadership supports the temple by underpinning the continual Improvement culture

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