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ATEMI Consulting is offering comprenhensive Lean Management services to help your company implementing Lean.


Whether it is a one-off event to resolve a company performance improvement in Quality, Delays or Costs, ATEMI Consulting can provide adequate company support and practical solutions to resolve the issues on a shortest time frame with the objective to improve the deficient performance.


ATEMI Consulting can also help your company to deploy Lean Management starting from an industrial Lean diagnosis which will enable to identify areas for improvement accross the different functions of your company, additionally this diagnosis will help to identify the key enablers necessary to support an effective Lean implementation.  


ATEMI Consulting can also propose a customized structure for Lean implementation adapted to your company : a Lean Operating System, which is considered as the most advanced and effective system for deploying Lean Management within a company.


Whether one-off perfomance improvement, problem solving, Lean implementation from an industrial Lean diagnosis or implementation of a Lean Operating System, ATEMI Consulting will help your company achieving "breakthrough" rapid performances improvements through Kaizen workshops approach.


Part of Lean strategy Kaizen workshops is the most effective and shortest way to obtain and to implement "breakthrough" performances improvements in Quality, Costs and Delays through multifunctional teams composed of specialists and process actors.


Progress reviews are then taking place regularly incuding key members of Kaizen team up to complete implementation.