Lean Diagnosis

Deploying Lean management within a company effectively requires to understand clearly the current company performances in terms of Quality, Costs and Delays and also to assess the current level of Lean deployment within the company processes whether operational or support.  


In order to obtain a clear understanding of your company current state and to be able to generate a tactical plan for an effective Lean implementation, ATEMI Consulting propose to perform a Lean diagnosis of your company composed of 5 guiding principles and 9 enablers.


Although most of the facts required to assess these 5 principles and 9 enablers can easily be visible at a glance, however it may be necessary to gather some informations and KPI's (Key Process Indicators).


Additionally it may be necessary to conduct some interviews with key managers or employees, so that the Lean diagnosis is based on data, facts and figures and provides reasonable results necessary to establish a comprehensive tactical implementation plan.



The 5 Lean diagnosis principles:


Integration of All :

  • Employee involvement
  • Cascading targets
  • Regular communication
  • Ownership & accountability
  • Team work
  • Lean culture

Flow :

  • Uninterrupted flow of value along the value stream
  • Continual addition of value by a sequence of material, worker or information

Takt :

  • Production in a rythm according to the pace of customer demand
  • Levelling work content to achieve flow

Pull :

  •  Production at the request of customer demand.

Zero variation :

  •  Zero variation in the commitment made to the customer.


The 9 Lean diagnosis enablers: 


Lean mindset : 

  • Change means survival
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Create high paced implementation
  • See problems as opportunities
  • Lead by example 

Communication :

  • Simple, direct and transparent two-way sharing of information bad or good
  • Receiver oriented communication
  • Clear communication to engage and create commitment

People development :

  • Develop the skills to live Lean
  • Comprehensive training on Lean
  • Direct coaching and mentoring
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Positive recognition
  • Include Lean awareness everywhere

Process vision :

  • Create clear visibility of future state
  • Adapt the generic process vision to specific areas
  • Clear and simple future state

Prioritize and deliver :

  • Deliver aligned goals as agreed
  • Implement according to plan
  • Measure with data and react to deviation
  • Manage with consequences

Tools and methods :

  • An infrastructure to drive transparency, implementation and sustainability
  • Tools and methods are part of a standard tool box

Standardization :

  • Standardized processes, work and organizations
  • Baseline for continuous improvement
  • Ensure consistency and quality
  • Development based on best practices sharing

Dedicated Lean agents :

  • Continuous challenge of status quo
  • The long term goal for the entire organization is to become dedicated Lean agents
  • Engagement is directly linked to talent development

 X-functional teamwork :

  • Tear down silo mentality
  • A process focused oraganization is the main driver
  • Team work mentality
  • Competencies are maximized for problem resolution
  • Teams are empowered to make quick decisions